Watch Punjabi talkshow on Counter-IEDs titled "Mehfooz Dharti, Zarkhaiz Dharti" every Tuesday at 6 p.m. on Sohni Dharti channel. Four successful AMAN Workshops held at Peshawar, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Multan. Peshawar,Quetta- June 30, 2013:It was another Sunday of bloodbath for Pakistanis as multiple bombings in Peshawar and Quetta killed at least 45 people in continued spate of violence across the country. Quetta- June 27, 2013:Two people were killed in Kachlak area near Quetta when a bomb planted in a mosque exploded.Police confirmed the incident. Karachi- June 26, 2013:Nine people were killed and 15 others, including a senior judge of the Sindh High Court and three policemen, injured in a blast at Burnes Road area of Karachi. Quetta- June 25, 2013:At least one Frontier Crops (FC) official was killed and other three injured by a bomb blast in Awaran district of Baluchistan province of Pakistan.





AMAN (Awareness Movement for an Alert Nation) is an ongoing public awareness campaign that brings attention to the widespread acts of terrorism committed against the people of Pakistan. Over the past several years, terrorists have attacked Pakistanis in their schools, in their mosques, and in their marketplaces. They have proven time and again that there is no ideology governing their actions other than intolerance and indiscriminate violence.

The AMAN campaign highlights the use of homemade explosives (Improvised Explosive Devices) by terrorists for carrying out bomb blasts and it informs Pakistani citizens on how to recognize, detect and alert authorities to potential threats. In Urdu, the word “AMAN” connotes peace and security. AMAN depicts a future where all Pakistanis can freely work, study, and worship without fear of violent reprisals by miscreants and militants.

The campaign was initially launched in October 2011 and has now entered its second phase in November 2012. It makes use of mass media including print, electronic and social, along with interactive activities to raise awareness about the IEDs in terrorist activities across Pakistan. The AMAN campaign targets all segments of society with an outreach of nearly all regions of the country with focus on highly violent areas such as FATA, Baluchistan and South Punjab.